sportAIDS IN WEIGHT LOSS. Whole grain buckwheat can be very helpful in weight loss. Buckwheat has fewer calories in comparison to wheat or barley. It is free of saturated fat and cholesterol and rich in dietary fiber and protein. This combination plays an important role in suppressing appetite, controlling blood sugar, facilitating proper digestion and building lean muscle mass.

1472807471_02HIGH IN PROTEIN AND B VITAMINS. Buckwheat contains proteins of a very high quality which offers several health benefits. This protein in combination with amino acids helps in lowering cholesterol levels besides being a key factor in preventing diabetes and obesity. In addition, buckwheat proteins reduce hypertension by reducing the activity of angiotensin converting enzyme. Buckwheat has more protein than rice, wheat, millet or corn and is high in the essential amino acids lysine and arginine, in which major cereal crops are deficient. Its unique amino acid profile gives buckwheat the power to boost the protein value of beans and cereal grains eaten the same day. One cup of buckwheat contains about 23g of protein making it excellent for sportsmen, vegetarians, vegans or anyone looking to increase their protein intake. Because of its high protein intake, buckwheat will keep you feeling fuller for longer and will reduce sugary cravings. Buckwheat also contains an impressive list of B vitamins including, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, Biotin, Choline, Folate and Pantothenic Acid.

HIGH IN FIBER. Buckwheat is high in fiber, which has many of it’s own benefits including weight loss and stable blood sugar levels. One cup of buckwheat kernels provides over 20% of the daily allowance of dietary fiber.