Cuisine: Korean, Japanese
Prep Time: 8 minutes, Cook Time: 15 minutes

100 g buckwheat grains
500 ml water

How to cook:
1. In a large skillet place enough raw hulled buckwheat to cover the bottom fully and heat over medium-high heat.
2. When the buckwheat starts to roast begin stirring constantly. You’ll know it’s getting close when you start seeing small wisps of smoke rising from the pan.
3. Keep roasting and stirring until it’s a deep to dark brown. The color above is the lightest is pretty lite, you can go as dark as dark roasted coffee. The darker it is the stronger the taste.
4. Remove from the heat, let it cool, and store in an air tight container. If your tea has a lot of dust either shake it in a fluffy towel or sieve it through a strainer before storing it.
5. Enjoy! Prepare the same as loose leaf tea with very hot water. It brews to a very light color and can be infused more than once, though it takes a little longer to steep than proper tea. Try it in a clear pot to see the buckwheat bloom.