kidsPROTECTION AGAINST KIDS ASTHMA. Studies prove that regular eating of whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, millet or buckwheat decreases danger of youth asthma for almost 50%. Being highly loaded with E vitamin and magnesium, buckwheat is supposed to be helpful in lowering frequency of adolescence asthma.

first-feeding-buckwheat-babySTRONH STRUCTURE OF BONES. Buckwheat contains a huge amount of manganese which guarantees strong structure of bones framing basic enzymes for forming bones and playing role of co-enzyme component to improve metabolic process in the body. It vitally participates in establishment of binding ties, calcium intake, sugar and fat digestion. Magnesium is highly essential in dental and bones wellbeing maintenance. It transmisses neural pulses, aides in power production also. Moreover, it encourages body calcium assimilation thus allows to avoid improvement of osteoporosis. In this way, buckwheat owes considerable measures to form strong bone structure.

ALLERGEN FREE PORRIDGE. Feed your kid with a new food – porridge. It is the slightest allergenic among all the grains. Buckwheat is ideal grain for porridge as it has one of the healthiest nutritional compositions, it is well digested and gluten free. Small babies are vulnerable to gluten and might be allergic to it.