kidsPROTECTION AGAINST CHILDHOOD ASTHMA. As per research, consumption of whole grains such as buckwheat can reduce the risk of childhood asthma by around 50 percent. Due to its high content of magnesium and vitamin E, buckwheat can help in reducing the incidence of childhood asthma.

first-feeding-buckwheat-babyHEALTHY BONE STRUCTURE. Manganese present in buckwheat ensures healthy bone structure by forming essential enzymes for building bones and acting as a co-enzyme for assisting metabolic progression in the human body. It is also actively involved in the formation of connective tissues, absorption of calcium and metabolism of fat and sugar. Magnesium is also beneficial for bone and dental health. It trans- misses nerve impulses and helps in the production of energy. It facilitates the absorption of calcium by the body and prevents the development of osteoporosis. Thus, buckwheat has a lot to contribute to a healthy bone structure.

ALLERGEN FREE PORRIDGE. Introduce your baby to new product – porridge – must be the least allergenic grains. Buckwheat is perfect for this role, as it has the highest nutritional value, easily digested and doesn’t contain gluten (a protein cereal). At an early age in children with this form of protein possible allergic reactions. To gluten-free cereals include cereal made from rice and corn flour.