bucklaider-buckwheat2BUCKLAIDER. FOOD THAT MATTERS.

It’s incredible to believe that something as plain as whole grains give so much vitality and imperativeness. Indeed, they may look sufficiently blameless yet the genuine fascination really exists in. Bucklaider Limited is young company established in 2016 in Hong Kong to supply whole grain buckwheat to Asian market. We supply our crops to healthy and organic food manufacturers, eateries and retailers. Asia-Pacific is an enormous market, vital region, positive business atmosphere and stable legitimate and political position have brought investors from all around the world here. Our target markets are Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan.

bucklaider_logo13Quality, Trust, Flexibility. These are the three standards our business is based on. We are aimed to nourish people with whole grains. Manufacturing absolutely the best products in whole grain cereals market, we are ready to carry out our obligations regarding taking care of an ever-increasing number of individuals through better feeding. We basically can’t have it done elsewise.

Bucklaider efforts a lot to guarantee the purest quality by keeping up a tight connection with our goods on every stage of production. Our tie begins at the source: with the producer who plants the crop. Together we guarantee that we are selling the clean grains accessible, although continually handling the best experiences. We are always searching for better approaches to enable individuals to appreciate plain and natural whole grain products, so we doubtless provide gluten free buckwheat.