buckwheatBuckwheat name may recommend being a kind of grain as wheat. However, buckwheat is not identified with wheat and it is sans gluten. Basically, buckwheat is a fruit seed firmly relevant to rhubarb, roan and knotweed. These grain-like seeds have particular triangular form and have similar size to wheat grains. Since its seeds are eatable and rich in slow carbs it is characterized as a part of food group normally named pseudo cereals. Pseudo cereals are seeds that are expended similarly as oat grains, yet are nor cultivated on grasses. Other regular pseudo cereals are well famous quinoa, chia and amaranth.

Buckwheat may be prepared in form of groats, flour and noodles, or used even for drinking buckwheat tea. It is a real wellspring of supplements. As it has no gluten, buckwheat can easily substitute the grains like rye, wheat and oats. Hence it is viewed appropriate for individuals who are adversely affected by wheat and celiac. This pseudo cereal is of high substance of fiber and protein, and noteworthy level of iron and magnesium. Buckwheat contain phyto supplements as well that are astonishing infections healing natural elements. These few medical advantages of buckwheat might be ascribed to its astonishing nutritional value.